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Hekla Muotka

My Story

Lapland has always been the magical haven of tales and it has offered its magic for the Northern people. The rugged nature of Lapland, the mountains, the polar night and the midnight sun have created magical atmosphere from the beginning of time. Lapland is full of deep spiritual power. Balance of light and shadow. The
nature of Lapland and its soulful silence open the way to inner calm and connection to the wider connection with the Universe. An understanding where we all are one, from the same source of life, from the same core.

From the land of Lapland, Hekla jumped into the arms of the world with the fierce curiosity of her youth to find herself. The world received, adjusted and shaped. It spun, twirled, chewed with its sharp teeth, thawed, forged Lapin Akka, and threw her back to Lapland. The feet sank into the rugged heather, the roots rose from
the ground, firmly entwining in Akka, taking Akka as their own.

“Your place is here in the home of your family. Your way is here, on the Shamanistic path. Spirits of Lapland as your guide, Ancestors by your side ”.
As the Akka of Lapland, I will follow the paths of my mothers and fathers. My mother's great grandfather Adolf Lehto, the forger of
iron, my mother's cousin Uuttu Kalle Warlock and lyricist, spell- singer, my great-uncle Arvid Muotka painter of the beauty of Laplan's nature, Fredrik "Fetti" Muotka, poetic soul and storyteller and many other great souls, who have already gone to the underworld.

We are never ready with the spiritual path. The journey is interesting, sometimes heavy, but generously rewarding. The stages of the journey pause with reinforcing what others have to offer along the way. We meet others that are going to the same direction and that will strengthen our spirit and make our goals clearer. We get wiser by the wisdom printed on paper as
a guide to the journey.


We all have the connection to the great invisible. For some, the connection stays strong from birth to death, for others, connection can become more sensitive along with the different life situations or as the hurry eases. It is not necessary to have a family of wise men and women to attain the mystical spirit connection. We all have a chance, no one is better than another. We all come from the same Source of Love and we all return there when we are ready with our earthly cycle.

I do spells and rituals for all kinds of events, imagination is the only limit. Currently, my repertoire consists of Baptism of Lapland / Baptism of the Arctic Circle, Lapland Blessing for couples, Sauna Rituals and Birthday Rituals.

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